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New Members/Transfers

To become members of Westchester Lutheran Church, please schedule a meeting with Pastor Lawrence Becker by sending an email to or call the office and speak with Karina. The meeting will be a membership class can be done via Zoom or in person.

What the Class Will Consist Of :

Covering the book, Lutheran Basics (which each person will receive), it is Martin Luther’s understanding of the Gospel and Scripture that began the Protestant over 500 years ago. 

  • Understanding of how to interpret Scripture.
  • What the Sacraments are (Baptism and Holy Communion)
  • The Church Year and our Worship together
  • The Lutheran Catechism
  • How our faith impacts our lives as Christians.
  • What membership at Westchester Lutheran Church is all about


Benefit : 

We offer a membership discount for tuition. 

( Please note that this class is mandatory for the member discount.)