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Welcome to the Early Learning Center


Roly Poly Class- this room cares for the smallest children we welcome…even as young as 6 weeks old!   This infant room is a creative haven for up to 10 infants each day, cared for lovingly by three well-educated teachers.   They follow the schedules given to us by parents, as we want to work together with moms and dads as a support team for the infant.   Each day the little ones spend time outdoors in their private little yard, where they can explore with our sensory table, move through the grass, and discover nature.   They are treated with respect and love, and the teachers delight in watching and helping with their rapid development in this first year of life.  

 Butterfly Class- our toddlers are ready for new challenges as they learn about the world.   The Butterflies have a max of 12 children with three teachers.    The teachers plan simple activities for inside and out that help the children develop their large and small motor skills.  Language grows rapidly at this age, and so there are lots of books read, songs sung, and fingerplays enjoyed.  Their private courtyard has opportunities to climb, dig, balance, and learn about nature through their planter boxes.    

 Ladybug Class – Two teachers oversee the care and explorations for our little two-year-olds.     Many activities are planned each day to engage children in discovery .    Open art explorations are always available, and sensory materials are set out for the little ones to examine and experiment with.  Their outdoor playyard has lots to do, with a climber/slide, playhouse, balancing logs, and special activities set up by the teachers to explore.    Toilet training is worked on in conjunction with the parents when the child shows signs of readiness.  

Cricket Class  These children are three years old and ready for busy activities and for  opportunities to think and develop language skills.  Group times help teach self-regulation skills, as well as learning the give and take of social skills.   Art materials are available daily, and dramatic play environments are thoughtfully planned.   

Busy Bee Class  This class is for our oldest children= young fours.  Activities are planned daily to help children learn what they need for TK and Kindergarten.    These skills are not done by rote with practices on worksheets, but are taught through specific play activities that focus on helping children be familiar with and understand the basics of letters and numbers.