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Welcome to the Early Learning Center


Roly Poly Class (Infants):

We accept infants as young as 6 weeks old. Our infants and one-year olds are lovingly cared for by dedicated teachers with a ratio of one teacher for every 3-4 children. Our program is designed to meet the varying needs of the inquisitive infant and the very busy toddler. As well as   taking care of the child’s basic needs, we make sure each child is held, loved and talked to, involved in activities that stimulate the senses, and given scaffolding in moving to the next developmental level. Parents supply all food, diapers, and formula for their children.

Butterfly Class (Toddlers):

This room is for older toddlers who are ready for a new environment. Once children are very comfortable walking and become much more active and interested in the world around them, they need a little more structure and fun activities planned for them. Sensory experiences, art exploration, and large and small motor activities are planned throughout the week to provide your toddler with a wide variety of learning experiences. Toilet training is worked on in conjunction with the parents when the child shows signs of readiness.  

Ladybug Class (Young 2's):

Two year olds  continue to develop their skills in thinking and talking. Language development is focused on, as the child learns to "use his/her words." Our teachers will help the children form good attitudes and make gains in social and thinking skills. A goal throughout the year is to help each child to become independent through teaching self-help skills. Creativity is emphasized through a wide variety of hands-on sensory experiences that are offered each day. Toilet training is worked on in conjunction with the parents when the child shows signs of readiness. Chapel Time is a part of our morning routine.  


Cricket Class and Busy Bee Class (Older 2's, 3's and Young 4's):

With two rooms in this age group, the children in our Cricket class are older 2-year-olds and young 3-year-olds.  Our Busy Bee class is designed for older 3’s and young 4’s. Both follow a developmentally-based program with planned experiences designed to meet each child's needs. Independence, problem-solving, creativity, and social skills are all focused on during the year. Emotional, physical, spiritual and intellectual growth are all included. Chapel time daily is a special time to listen to Bible stories and learn of God's love. Morning half day programs (8:30am to noon) are available for children in these two classes.