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Summer Camps 2022


Tailored by age-group and designed for optimal innovation, each of our STEAM focused weeklong themes features engaging hands-on projects, irresistible outdoor games and an immersive environment crafted to capture the imagination.

June 27-August 5, 2022
TK-10th Graders

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SUMMER EXPLORATION - Imagine hiking waterfalls and rock pools in the Santa Monica mountains, then venturing off to the cultural areas of Melrose and Chinatown.  After this, to the George Page Museum and to La Brea Tar Pits and ending up at the beach to sample the sun and surf of the City of Los Angeles. This is Exploration!

For Incoming 5th Graders - 8th Grade

June 20-July 29

S415.00 per Week / $332.00 4th of July Week

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Fun  and Creative Outdoor and Indoor Activities

TK-8th Grade

August 8 - September 2

$325.00 per week

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Week #1 - August 8-12

Monday: Football Toss • Football Accuracy • Football Kick

Tuesday: Basketball Shoot • Basketball Obstacle • Kick Ball Challenge

Wednesday: Hula Hoop Relay • Tug a War • Javelin Throw • Basketball Accuracy

Thursday: Bowling • Soccer Kick • Water Day • Relay Race

Friday: Baseball Home Run Derby • Prisoner Challenge • Tether Ball Tournament • Long Jump

Week #2  August 15 - August 19 Science Week

Monday-Friday: Vacation Bible School 9:00am-12:00pm • Basketball Camp

Week #3 August 22 - August 26

Monday: Rock Candy Experiment • Balloons Rockets

Tuesday: Kids Choice of Game • Science with Mr. Steele

Wednesday: Super Bouncing Balls • Penny Spinners

Thursday: Outdoor Water Games • Free Play Water Day

Friday: Balloon Rocket Cars • Paper Airplane Design Contest

Week #4 August 29-September 2 - Splish Splash  & Oceanography
Please take note:  On water days kids must wear shoes, If possible, try to have shoes that can get wet or water shoes

Monday: Frozen Slime Project • Dancing raising Exp • Water Balloon Relay

Tuesday: Clouds and Rain Exp • Study of Water Pollution • Duck Duck Splash

Wednesday: Whale Sock Project • Sink or Float Exp. • Water Wheel Project

Thursday: Lava Lamps • Towel Water Balloon Toss •  Water Race Relay

Friday: Water Bottle Rafts • Water Bottle Raft Race • Lunch Provided (Hot Dogs and Chips for Lunch)


ART STUDIO CAMP - it's a 2D Extravaganza!!! Design for young artists to explore expressing themselves creatively through a variety of art projects.  

June 27 - June 31
8-12 years old
1 week $475, 2 weeks $450 per week and 3 weeks $425 per week

ART STUDIO CAMP - It's a 3D Art Adventure!!  Artists will explore several mediums of clay, paper mache, magazines, foam, tissue, wire, yarn, and upcycled materials to create a 3D sculpture.

July 11th-15th
8-12 years old
1 week $475, 2 weeks $450 per week and 3 weeks $425 per week

CEO ENTREPRENEUR CAMP - This camp is designed to empower kids to explore the world of entrepreneurship. Kids will create their own products, sell at a real 'Pop-Up Boutique' and keep all of their PROFITS!

August 1st-5th
8-12 years old
1 week $475, 2 weeks $450 per week and 3 weeks $425 per week

COUNSELOR IN TRAINING PROGRAM - Our counselor-in-training program provides young teens (13-16 years), who aspire to work with children, the opportunity to develop leadership skills in a creative and safe and fun environment.

June 27-August 5
13-16 years old
$100.00 - 1 Week Session to participate on the program 

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