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Meet Our Administration Team

Shirley Becker 

With over 26 years of experience in directing and leading an early childhood center in Torrance, Shirley has overseen the  remodeling and refocusing of the new Early Learning Center.  She is enjoying the challenge of creating an environment that is enriching and engaging for young children.  

Tanya Squier

Tanya has worked for Westchester Lutheran School and Preschool for over 25 years, teaching multiple age groups including PreK. She has taken on the challenge of starting up the Early Learning Center again, following current best practices so that children have the opportunities to discover, create and develop.

We know that the most important aspects of an outstanding early childhood environment are the teachers.    While the state of California only requires 12 units of early education coursework to be called a “teacher”, we have higher standards and hire teachers that have a minimum of 24 units in ECE.    Many have their AA or BA degrees in Child Development.    They also come to us with many years of experience working with this age group.   They know that this is their calling and take it seriously.  All staff members are fingerprinted, and we carefully check the state and FBI data bases to make sure the record of everyone on our campuses is clear.